Firefighters rescue ray stranded on French beach

It is highly unusual for a ray to beach itself 

24 December 2020
By Connexion journalist

Firefighters rescued a 150kg mobula ray from a beach in the south of France and returned it safely to deeper waters.

A walker found the ray - which was 2.2m long, with a span of 3.4m - near a first aid station on plage de Marseillan, Hérault, on Wednesday, December 23.

Firefighters used a jet ski to help the animal back out to deeper water, and released it about 2km away from land.

A spokesperson for the emergency services described the incident as: "An unforgettable moment for our divers and one of pure happiness. This kind of moment which gives meaning to life and our environment is good in this difficult period."

It is unusual for this particular species of ray - noted for its dramatic ability to leap out of the water - to strand itself on beaches.

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