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Brace yourself

Braces (bretelles) are enjoying a fashionable rejuvenation, a kind of revivalist Steptoe and Son chic for the hipster generation. But they are not just for the young.

One Frenchman leading the trouser-bearing revolution (for both male and female braces wearers) is Hubert Martin with his Vertical l’Accessoire brand, created in 2015 and now based in Paris.

The key to his success is that the high-end braces can be chosen for any occasion. “Slim ones tend to be on the trendier side”, he told Connexion. “Medium ones (mi-larges) are suitable for parties or work, while the widest ones tend to be most popular with businessmen.”

The braces (from €38) come in various colours including blue, orange and beige, with stripes and dots available for a touch of fun. They are also available for children.

The Vertical range has recently been extended to coloured braided belts.



Take me to chocolate heaven

Chocolate maker Patrice Chapon roasts his own cocoa and has a ‘bean to bar’ ethos using modern techniques and old machinery. Visit one of his Paris stores that include a chocolate mousse bar and a ‘Curiosity shop’ – or simply browse the online boutique for gift boxes such as Eiffel Tower Elegance (€39.81, 144g), Raspberry/Passion fruit caramels (€22 for 90g) or delicious chocolate bars. His seasonal creations wow the eyes and tastebuds.




Bags of style

When did a lady ever not need a new handbag, especially as spring/summer season approaches? If your style could be described as ‘boho chic’ and you appreciate high quality fabrics and craftsmanship, the new range by Evesome could be what you need.

Launched by Eve de Rothiacob in 2013, the affordable accessories are created using natural fabrics, leathers and luxury fibres, and always have a colourful vitality.

Eve does made-to-measure, personalised bags, jackets, tweed coats, hats or berets, tops and dresses while the designs are also used in cushions. There is also a range of clothing for men and children. Bag pictured: Regis clutch, price €53.00.




The phare side

Recreate seaside memories of Brittany in your own home with a fully functional, hand-crafted lighthouse. Measuring 1.62m tall, take your pick from Armorique, Cornwall, Léon and Trégor models of phare.

The lighthouses come in kit form and can be assembled easily in less than four hours without tools.

The LED light bulb in the lantern offers four pre-recorded colours andand five intensity levels. Price from €385.


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