Kiwi romance writer plots happy ending in Provence

Writer Rosie Richards in Vence

France lures people from many countries and we will meet some of them in this occasional series. Writer Rosie Richards is first – and talks of her long love affair with her new home town to Justin Postlethwaite

It is a crisp, sun-kissed morning in Vence, above the Riviera, and New Zealander Rosie Richards – better known as Alison Roberts, bestselling author of medical romance (category fiction) novels for publishers Harlequin – is talking romance over a cup of tea.

Not her own love life but her success in France: “I actually sell more books here than any other country in the world,” she says with a broad grin.

“I’m not sure why the French love romantic fiction so much. Maybe France is just the most romantic nation in the world?”

Her success is remarkable. She shifts, as industry experts say, ‘serious units’.

She is writing her 86th book (she writes around five a year) with many translated into 26 languages. “I don’t tend to study royalty statements but I remember noticing the print run of one book was for 60,000 copies.”

Rosie Richards books
Rosie Richards’ books are romances

 Her titles include The Doctor’s Wife for Keeps, A Life-Saving Reunion and The Surrogate’s Unex­pected Mir­acle. One is also in a Japanese Manga version: “You know you’ve made it when you get a Manga book!”

‘Category fiction’ are novels often read in one sitting and Rosie’s ‘niche’ is stories involving paramedics – a field she knows well as she was one (she was also married to a doctor).

It was her writing that, 20 years ago, pushed her to become a paramedic.

“I was writing a book, my fourth or fifth I think, and it had a train crash in it. I attended a research ...

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