Waxing lyrical about a very particular modelling job

Monica Bellucci meets her model at Musée Grévin

Musée Grévin’s Véronique Berecz tells The Connexion about working with the great and the good in wax...

Véronique Berecz (below) has worked at the Musée Grévin (grevin-paris.com) in Paris since 1983 and is still captivated by the magical surroundings of the famous waxwork museum, which has more than 200 mannequins on show – including international celebrities, as well as figures from French history and fictional characters.

She knows everything about the museum, from the way the models are made with infinite patience to the reaction of the stars when they are selected to be immortalised in wax – because it is her job to ring them up and tell them.

‘It is emotional because they find themselves face to face with themselves’ says Véronique Berecz

What do celebrities say when you contact them?

Often the first reaction is one of surprise. If they came here to visit when they were a child, they find it amazing, because they never imagined that one day they would be in the museum. They are flattered and it is an honour for them. They are also curious to find out how a model is made.


Does it mean they have to come several times to the Musée Grévin?

There are three important appointments.

The first takes 2h30 and we take all the necessary measurements, verify the ...

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