Make sense of... Camping in France

A ‘traditional’ camping experience is still one option - but it may involve some inconveniences...

If camping conjures up images of cooking sausages on a camp stove, sleeping bags and chemical toilets you might want to think again

Since 2010 campsites in France may have a star rating up to five, like hotels, and you can be sure of not having to rough it if you go for one of the high-end options or certain select sites offering a ‘glamping’ (glamorous camping) experience.

What is more camping no longer just refers to tents, or even to caravans, mobile homes and chalets, but may include a raft of more exotic options to suit every whim.

You might like to consider....

  • Yurts – a large round Mongolian tent traditionally covered in felt or animal skin
  • Tipis
  • Saharan nomad’s tents
  • Classic ‘Airstream’ aluminium caravans
  • Romany caravans (roulotte or verdine) or western-style covered ‘chuck waggons’
  • ‘Megapods’ – a tent-shaped wood cabin
  • Treehouses – often real ‘homes in the trees’; another new variant is floating cabins on ...

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