Scots lure students with free tuition

The ‘Auld Alliance’ between Scotland and France is being maintained today in Scots universities, where 1,730 French students are doing courses – up 13% on the last academic year.

The French are among 180 different nationalities studying or teaching in Scotland, where Brexit fears have not stopped foreign students from settling.

One big attraction is Scots students and those living in non-UK EU countries do not pay the £1,820 tuition fees – plus the Scottish government has said those studying now or who start this autumn will continue to receive free tuition.
EU students in Ireland also pay no fees but must pay a Student Contrib­ution Fee of up to €3,000. EU students pay up to £9,250 in Eng­land, £4,046 in Wales and £3,925 in Northern Ireland.
UK-wide, a study showed the average student expects to graduate with £39,000 of debt.

Scots universities launched a campaign marking their diversity and inclusivity, with first minister Nicola Stur­geon saying it was a “huge compliment that more than a fifth of students come from outside the UK”.
A Scottish Government spokesman said: “The eligibility criteria for fees to be paid by the govern­ment is laid out in legislation ( UK nationals who have exercised their treaty rights to live in another EU member state may be eligible, if they choose to study in Scot­land and meet the conditions.”

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