Watchdog warning on assurance scolaire schemes

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Check home insurance policies before signing up for new schemes, UFC-Que Choisir insists

Assurance scolaire schemes offered in partnership with school associations offer no real financial advantages for parents, consumer watchdog UFC-Que Choisir has said.

La Fédération des conseils de parents d'élèves (FCPE) works in partnership with the Mutuelle Assurance Élève (MAE) and the Fédération des parents d'élèves de l'enseignement public (Peep) with the Mutuelles du Mans assurances (MMA). The deals they offer are no more beneficial than those of other insurers and mutuals, the watchdog said.

Strictly speaking, assurance scolaire is not compulsory, as schools have a legal responsibility for students within normal school hours. However, the French government has advised families to take it out in the best interest of the child, and the majority of schools these days ask for some proof of it.

This is because it is necessary for extracurricular activities - such as nature outings, excursion to the museum, but also for lunch periods, UFC-Que Choisir said. If your child eats at school, then it is necessary. Policies also covers any damage children may cause to clothing or glasses of other pupils during the school day.

But the watchdog urged parents to check their home insurance policies first. Assurance scolaire is often covered in standard home insurance policies, so there is no need to pay out an additional amount

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