Advice on cancer screenings

I am in my 50s – is it recommended to have regular cancer screening – and, if so, for what types and is it reimbursed? J.S.

YES - here is a list of the main kinds:

  • Breast: Regular screening recommended for women aged 50-74. Every two years you should be invited by letter to have a mammography scan at a radiologist’s, with the procedure reimbursed at 100%, with no upfront payment. You can request a test via your doctor if you do not receive a letter
  • Colorectal: Recommended for people aged 50-74; consists of a stool examination every two years and is reimbursed as above. If you have a personal or family history of colorectal problems, other measures may be advised.
  • Cervical: Women are advised to have a smear test (un frottis) every three years from age 25-65. It costs the price of a normal consultation plus €20.22, which is all state-reimbursed at 70%.
  • Skin: For those considered at high risk due to delicate skin or history of problems, a visit to a dermatologist is recommended annually.

There is no systematic prostate screening but if you are over 50 and have risk factors you should talk to your doctor.

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