Cut your hair short for cancer charity

If you have long hair and want to get it cut short you could donate your locks to an association which helps cancer sufferers on low incomes buy attractive, comfortable wigs after chemotherapy.

21 June 2017
By Connexion journalist

The founder of Solidhair, based in Val d’Oise, Sophie Bouxirot, had long hair and decided to have it cut off after the birth of her first child. She wanted to do something useful with it and discovered a Belgian association with the idea she has taken up.

She runs the association from home with a friend and husband Patrick as secretary. They sort hair and do paperwork after the children have gone to bed.

Mr Bouxirot said: “We receive 2-3kg a day and have helped 84 patients buy a decent wig. They are very grateful and often send us letters of thanks.

“Social security gives €125 towards a wig but cheap ones can be scratchy and uncomfortable. We give €300 to anyone who earns less than €1,500 a month.” The figure is increased by €200 per dependant for people with children.

They receive hair from individuals and 940 hairdressing salons, which is sold to four wig makers, with the resulting money being used for the grants which people then use to buy a wig locally.

Hair should be at least 25cm long. It is suggested to put it into ponytails before getting someone to cut them. Then roll the hair into kitchen paper and post it to Solidhair, 14 Rue des Fauvettes, 95450 Us-en-Vexin. Alternatively go to a partner hairdresser (see who also offer deals to supporters, such as free cuts. 

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