Is your Top Up health insurance up for renewal?

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Sponsored feature: Prior to your health insurance contract in France renewing for a further year always take the time to compare prices and to look for better cover

Top up health insurance contracts run for one year and are automatically renewed each year. There are two options to cancel a top up health insurance contract. The first is to send a letter of cancellation, by recorded delivery, which must be sent two months before the anniversary date of your contract.

SwissLife’s Peter Musto explains the other means of cancelling. “The second option is by “loi Chatel”. Every year when it gets close to your anniversary date, your insurance
company will send you a letter or an email called Appel de Cotisation. This is the renewal information about your health insurance contract. On the envelope you will have a date stamped by the post office; if it is by email the date will be on it. You have 20 days only from that date to cancel your contract.

“A letter must be sent by recorded delivery in which you must mention that you wish to cancel your contract by loi chatel. Peter continues, “But don’t worry, we will do this
for you and we will also pay for the recorded delivery.”

Specialists in personal insurance, SwissLife is a leading provider of Top Up health insurance, home and car insurance, investments and private banking for expats living in France. Their experience and professionalism constitutes the foundation for their leading position in the market and over 2 million customers place their trust in SwissLife’s products and services. Based in Bordeaux, Peter and colleague Lawrence are members of the only SwissLife agency in France to work with English speaking clients offering a wide range of Healthcare Insurance and General Insurance solutions backed by one of Europe’s leading Insurance providers.

Peter says, “Our British staff pledges to work very hard to provide you with quality insurance and excellent service. We offer a fully flexible menu of healthcare insurance
options so clients can use health insurance to their advantage.

“Customers choose what suits them best. For example you can choose to have a higher level of cover for hospitalisation and less for dentistry, or the opposite. In addition there are no medical questionnaires, no age limits and the guaranties are effective immediately so why not check what we have to offer.”

For more information contact either Peter or Lawrence; they will be delighted to help

Tel: 05 56 28 94 64

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