My operation in France: Caesarean section

Lauren Noirault with her baby Lucie

The inside story of readers who have had operations in France – and how they found the health service. This month, Gillian Harvey speaks to Lauren Noirault about her Caesarean section.

Financial consultant Lauren Noirault, 32, moved from the UK to Poitiers in 2012 after meeting husband Antoine, 35, a farmer. In 2017, she became pregnant with their first child, Lucie, following IVF.

Was your Caesarean planned?

After having IVF and suffering from ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome at the start of my pregnancy, I was classed as high-risk. Because of this, I stayed under the care of my gynaecologist throughout – I had an appointment with him once a month at the hospital in Poitiers.

This meant we were under private care, but as we have great top-up insurance, we didn’t have to pay any extra.

As I have a double uterus, my baby remained breech throughout the pregnancy, so I suspected I’d end up having a C-section. The final decision was made at the start of December 2017, and ...

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