Can we opt out of the ordures ménagères tax?

We pay ordures ménagères tax for our holiday home in France which is based on a weekly collection, even though we are only there for 12 weeks a year. Do we have to pay this? Can we ask for a reduced charge or opt out and dispose of our rubbish at the tip instead? K.C.

Tax on ordures ménagères is based on the whole of the year irrespective of the time that you actually spend in France.

It is levied on the basis that you pay the taxe foncière and, like that tax, may be reduced under certain circumstances, notably if periods of absence are forced on you; however this would not apply to you using the property only as a holiday home.

It is calculated in a similar way, with a percentage rate applied to half of the theoretical annual rental value of the property, (in certain communes it may also include an ‘incentive’ element based on how much rubbish is produced so – should that apply to your commune, taking more rubbish to the tip might possibly lower the bill).

Having said that if your commune ...

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