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Cost of running pottery courses in France

A friend wants to set up pottery courses. She is a UK pensioner and thinks she should register as a micro-entrepreneur, but the courses require considerable materials and power usage. She would be charging around €100 for a four-day course. If she then has to pay tax and social charges, she will be out of pocket (especially if she cannot reclaim expenses). Is there any alternative or should she just remain a recreational potter?  N.J.

24 October 2018

Without details of the total expected income and the total likely expenses, it is not possible to say one way or another. However, as far as the micro-entrepreneur option is concerned, it is likely to cease to be advantageous if expenses exceed around 45%-50% of income.

With full estimates to hand, a professional could look at the results of the different options, which would include the two income tax systems available to the micro-entrepreneur or a classic business on the réel taxation regime.


Reader's query answered by Hugh MacDonald

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