Doctor fees rise to €25 from next May

THE COST of a visit to a GP in France is to rise from €23 to €25 from May 1 next year. The amount was agreed at a meeting of doctors’ unions, insurance representatives and the national health body Assurance Maladie.

The rise was planned in two stages: an increase to €24 in April 2017 and then to €25 in December 2017 – but authorities have now decided to bring in the increase in just one stage.

The current rate of €23 has been in place since 2011, so the increase is an 8.7% pay rise for doctors – or 1.7% a year.

Patients will see little change from the current situation in which they pay €23 to their GP and are reimbursed €15.10 (70% minus €1) by the State and €6.90 (30%) by their optional top-up health insurer.

The figures will rise to a state reimbursement of €16.50 and an insurance/mutuelle top up of €7.50 and will be met through general taxation (at a cost of €445million a year) and a likely rise in the cost of insurance.

The €1 participation fee will remain, and doctors charging more than this rate (non conventionné) will still do so.

GPs are the starting point for treatment in France and must be seen before specialists if a patient is to receive full state reimbursements, so they receive far more patients.

The cost of visiting a specialist, when prescribed by a GP, will rise to €50 from €46.

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