Income tax in France: your questions answered

As usual many questions on tax are arriving at our offices.

We cannot enter into private correspondence, however we will be looking at some questions to publish with answers online in the run-up to the declaration deadlines.

Check this Money section for further questions and answers in coming days.

Q:I am making my first French income declaration. With regard to the main 2042, do I just ignore irrelevant sections or strike them through?  J.S.

A:You can just ignore any forms sections that are not relevant; there is no need to strike sections through.

Q: Your tax guide states that it is possible to write additional information in a section called Autres Renseignements however I cannot find it in the forms. Have I missed something?  N.J.

As we say in the guide on page 42, there is a section for additional information on page 2 of the main 2042 form, towards the bottom. The tax authorities regularly change its name: this year it is called Informations, which last year was only used on the pre-filled 2042K which is sent to those who have declared before.

In last year’s version of the blank form it was called Eléments Complémentaires and when declaring online the corresponding section is usually called Autres Renseignements (note that if in doubt about finding online sections you can use a search facility to locate them).

If you have information to include that does not fit in the box we would suggest writing it on a separate sheet of paper attached to the form (you could write in the Informations box voir informations supplémentaires sur papier libre).

Our guide is available to order as a PDF download or as a printed booklet, at this link.

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