Question selection for our 2019 Income Tax helpguide

The list of your questions answered in our new helpguide

Thank you to the many readers who sent in questions for this year’s Income Tax helpguide.

A final selection has been made and below are the questions which have been answered in the guide.

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Questions and answers: at-source tax (PAS)

What prompted the change to a PAYE system in France?

What is the année blanche tax year?

What if the UK state pension value drops?

Will we still receive a tax form in post?

UK rental income - how do we set up for PAYE?

Why was tax taken at source for income from December 2018?

No instalments taken from account yet - is it normal?

How does new work pension claim affect the PAS?

Is tax taken off every month?

How do I have PAS applied?

How can I tell my tax rate?

PAS for micro-entrepreneurs

What if too much is taken off?

What happens for couples?

Is property income relevant?

Changes in personal situation

Letting from the UK

Changes after divorce

How do tax credits work with PAS?

AS for workers in the home

Will UK pension be taxed again?

PAS during the first year in France

Questions and answers: General

Declaring a UK private pension plan

New tax residents: Do we need to do anything when moving from UK to France?

NS&I certificates

Will Brexit affect our rights over French social charges?

How will Brexit affect my tax situation?

How will taking French nationality affect our tax situation?

How do I declare income from work in the UK?

Charges on interest

Holiday homes

How do we obtain a Cesu tax credit?

Can non-residents benefit from Cesu?

War pensions

Airbnb income: What is the threshold to declare?

Working for a firm outside France

How to declare tax-free AV withdrawals

What is a resident?

Chambres d’hôtes: is it a business?

UK ‘wrappers’: how do I declare gains and loses?

TVA on letting income

My French pension went down in January - did a new tax start then?

Translating UK documents

How can we pay tax from abroad without cheques?

Declaring premium bonds

Aspa benefit

Is micro-foncier ceiling doubled for a couple?

Will my wife be considered UK resident due to visits?

How can I replace lost avis d’impôt?/ Investments and charges

Charges on English pension

Local government pension

Paypal accounts

Bank justificatif codes

Non-residents’ gîte income

Do I need to declare to UK?

Capital gains tax on 21-year-old British shares

Can I choose where I am taxed?

What is reason for charges levy?

Did I make the tax deadline?

Leaseback flats

Offset gîte expenses

Declaring income from new small business in France

How is ‘income’ defined for official procedures in France?

Issues with leaving France and returning to the UK

How to avoid social charges on pension income after age 65

Tax on materials

Claiming kilométrage

Flat tax on investment income - what is this?

Transfer between AV policies

Non-drawn interest

Renting out your home

UK personal allowances

Foreign bank accounts

Charitable giving

Is the UK-France tax treaty changing?

Can I run my French business from UK?

Taxed twice on pensions

Tax credit and charity gift

Your personal tax allowance is still valid if you are British

Letting a home in France

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