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Saving tips for over-55s in France

21 March 2020
By Jane Hanks

There are many ways to save money on outings and activities if you are over 60 or, in some cases, over 55.

A train card costs €49 a year and gives 30% off travel on TGVs and between 25% and 50% on TERs, depending on which region you live in. You can buy an Avantage Senior card online at, or at a station, either at the ticket office or from a machine.

Air France offers reductions of up to 57%, depending on the journey, on internal flights for over-65s on presentation of proof of age.

It also has a reduction card for over-65s at a cost of €59, which gives up to 30% in reduction, plus added advantages such as free baggage in the hold.

Car hire firm Avis also has a card for over-65s, costing €65 for two years, which gives reductions of up to 20%.

If you live in a city, it is worth checking to see if you are entitled to a reduction on public transport or perhaps a free pass. Each city has its own regulations.

Lyon, for example, offers a monthly card for pensioners at €32.50, when a normal weekly ticket costs €20, and in Toulouse the reduction and cost of card depends on your income.

Cities often offer a pass senior which gives you money off activities, museums, exhibitions, restaurants and sports centres.

For example, in Bordeaux the card is free from age 60 on condition you live in the city.

It is always worth asking at cinemas, theatres, sports centres and swimming pools if they have a reduction.

If you are over 55, you can buy the Réduc-seniors card, which gives reductions on a range of products, including holidays, concerts, cinema, visits to museums and chateaux, restaurants, shops such as Darty and Carrefour, and is valid throughout France.

The card was introduced 10 years ago as a benefit for civil servants and then opened to the public. It costs €49.

Unless the partner is a small establishment, such as a restaurant, you have to organise your reduction in advance, either by downloading a
coupon or getting a special code. Reductions are 5-60% and the company claims you can save up to €700 a year.

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