Latest pricing changes

A variety of everyday pricing changes have come in over the summer relating to savings, utility bills and travel.

30 August 2017

The price of electricity for those on the regulated tariffs has increased by 1.7%, though this is slightly off-set by a lowering in the price of gas.

The latter ranges from 0.3% for those who use gas just to cook to 0.8% for those who use it to heat their homes.

It has also been confirmed that the interest rate for Livret A tax-free savings accounts will remain at a meagre 0.75% until at least February 2018.

The cost of using public transport in Paris has gone up, with the price of a monthly Navigo pass rising from €73 to €75.20, while a carnet of 10 single tickets – popular among visitors – has increased by 40 centimes to €14.90.

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