No cost benefits to off-peak electricity in France: report

Green energy supplier has launched an online calculator to help consumers check whether they have the best deal

24 December 2020
By Connexion journalist

Running your washing machine or dishwasher at night probably will not save you money, according to consumer watchdog 60 Million consumers and green electricity supplier Plüm Énergie.

Almost 50% of households in France are on electricity tariffs that include peak and off-peak prices but, according to the study, published in Le Parisien, many are in fact losing money on the deal - to the tune of €450million a year, or €50 per household.

The report's authors said that peak / off-peak tariffs are no longer beneficial in 85% of cases. Only those who have, for example, an electric car that they charge overnight really benefit from this form of tariff.

Plüm Énergie has launched an online calculator allowing people to check whether they are on the best tariffs for their needs.

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