Problems with Nickel?

Some tabacs in Occitanie have stopped offering the simple low-cost Nickel bank account because of technical complications, which they are not paid to deal with, reports the local media France 3.

It said that in Montauban three tabacs recently gave up the accounts. One said they had had a terminal for customers to use but that many clients did not read French well and needed aid and it was hard to get phone help for technical issues.

The site says 3,600 tabacs offer the service (14%). At its 2014 launch it was hoped all of them would sign up. Compte Nickel told Connexion there is no national trend of cancellations.

It said 150 new tabacs sign up per week and they hope for more than 10,000 by 2020.

If you have a Nickel account, tell us your experiences via

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