Sud-Ouest Assurances offer financial peace of mind

Sponsored feature: Anne Gardini at Sud-Ouest Assurances explains options available to you if you live in France and are looking for financial peace of mind.

“Many people will have heard of ‘ASSURANCE VIE’, says Anne, “but may not realise it is France’s must-have tax-wrapper as it is the financial tool which redeems France from its taxpayer’s nightmare reputation.”

“Benefits offered by an Assurance Vie include:

- The ability to shelter capital, and yet have it available to draw from at any time with vastly reduced income tax

- A means of passing on your estate in a tax efficient manner

- A way to both complement your pension and optimise (reduce) your income tax

- The protection of a family member, such as a disabled child for instance

- ...and last but not least a means to achieve an above average return on your capital.”

Any bank or insurer can sell you an Assurance Vie but check first, there are a number of things you need to look for

- The security and scope of a leading international financial institution. The Generali Group has been a leader in the field of money management and pension funds since 1831.

- A reliable adviser. After 15 years working in Asia as a financial analyst, Anne GARDINI under the Generali banner now advises both French nationals and expatriates living in France on savings, tax and retirement issues. Her expertise in these fields has led her to be appointed as an expert witness with the Bordeaux Court Of Appeal.

- Choice and quality of the financial products.

“Because money management should never be anything other than tailor-made we will give you access to the best asset management companies worldwide when considering what to put into your Assurance Vie,” says Anne.

“Whether you seek to diversify your investments through asset types such as north European property, water resources or just vanilla high-dividend paying ‘blue chip’ stocks, we work with the best in their area: Rothschild, Fidelity, Templeton to name but a few. These are the quality of top-end investment names Sud-Ouest Assurances give you access to when you work with us.”

To find out more, contact Anne or Sophia at Sud-Ouest Assurances.

Phone: 05 53 73 97 29



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