Tax credit for gifts to charity in France

In June 2017 I took part in a sponsored cycle ride on behalf of Cancer Support France and, as a result, I have a number of fiscal receipts in my name for some of the money that was donated. Which box do I need to declare these amounts in when I fill in my tax return for 2017? A.G.

If you were officially doing the ride on Cancer Support France’s behalf then this would be Cancer Support France’s money and in such a case you would not normally receive receipts in your name.

However if you did a ride for which you collected money and you effectively gave this to CSF who treated it as a gift from you for which you received donation receipts, then it would be possible for you to claim a tax credit for this on this basis.

To claim a tax credit for gifts to charities, insert the amount of the gift in form 2042 RICI, page one, box 7UF (ones for charities directly giving food, shelter and medicine to people in need go in 7UD).

Reader's query answered by Hugh MacDonald

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