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27 February 2020

Thank you to readers who have already sent in questions for our French Income Tax 2020 helpguide.

Last year marked a significant change in the way tax is collected in France with the launch of at-source taxation - Prélèvement à la Source (PAS).

This reform changes the way in which the tax is paid, not how it is calculated and most people will still have to fill out a tax return in the spring for the previous year.

Our 80-page guide explains the rules around PAS, including how France is dealing with foreign income subject to the change.

There is still time to send in your questions to news@connexionfrance.com - the deadline is March 4. Here are some of the questions and topics already covered in the guide:

How do I declare a UK private pension plan?

New tax residents: Do we need to do anything when moving from the UK to France?

How should NS&I Index-linked Savings Certificates (tax-free in the UK) be treated for tax purposes in France?

How does PAS tax-at-source work for self-employed people?

Will Brexit affect our rights over French social charges?

How will Brexit affect my tax situation?

How will taking French nationality affect our tax situation?

How do I declare income from work in the UK?

How do charges on bank interest work?

Our tax office insists that social contributions are levied on interest from deposits and bonds which is not taxed in the UK - is this right?

We are tax resident in the UK, have no non-UK income, and own a house in France for personal use only. Do we need to complete a French tax return?

How do we obtain a Cesu tax credit?

Can non-residents benefit from Cesu?

War pensions

Airbnb income: What is the threshold to declare?

What about working for a firm outside France?

How to declare tax-free AV withdrawals?

What does the term resident mean in tax terms in France?

Chambres d’hôtes: is it a business?

UK ‘wrappers’: how do I declare gains and losses?

How does TVA work on letting income?

Do we need to have our UK annual tax summary translated into French for purposes of making a tax declaration?

How can we pay tax from abroad if we don't have a French cheque book?

How do we declare premium bonds?

Is micro-foncier ceiling doubled for a couple?

Aspa: How are people who claim the Aspa benefit (French income support for the elderly) affected by income tax?

Will my wife be considered UK resident due to visits?

How can I replace a lost avis d’impôt?

Social charges and British state pensions

Investments and charge

Local government pension

I heard that PayPal accounts should be declared - is that correct? I only use it to pay via my bank card quickly

When do I need to use bank justificatif codes

Non-residents’ gîte income

Can I choose where I am taxed?

Leaseback flats

Can we offset our gîte expenses for cleaning against income?

Declaring income from new small business in France

How is ‘income’ defined for official procedures in France?

Issues with leaving France and returning to the UK

How to avoid social charges on pension income after age 65

I am an artisan and a micro-entrepreneur - do I have to declare the amount I am paid for the materials? I will be paying tax on money that I do not actually get

What is the flat tax on investment income?

UK and French personal allowances: Do we get double?

Foreign bank accounts

Can I run my French business from UK?

Taxed twice on pensions

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