Currency exchange advice for Brits in France

I have been giving international financial advice for a long time, but before the 2008 financial crisis, currency never featured much. It was always there, but not a major factor and, indeed, my last real currency talks were on pegging the Dutch Guilder to the German Deutsche Mark.

From a financial planning perspective, I say to keep money in the currency in which it is spent. Eliminate currency risk by not being exposed to it: so, if you live in the Eurozone, hold Euros.

Sadly, it is not that straightforward as the world has gone mad... the UK is leaving the European Union, Scotland could be leaving the UK, Donald Trump is US president and Marine Le Pen could take over at the Elysée Palace.

Le Pen would like to go back to the French Franc and immediately devalue (I feel it would devalue all by itself, ...

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