Bordeaux prices not inflated by Parisians

Prices have risen sharply in Bordeaux since the opening of the new TGV line to Paris in July 2017 with a continuing increase in people moving in but it is wrong to say – as is often claimed – that price increases are due to Parisians buying second homes.

The scarcity of city-centre properties has boosted prices across the whole of Bordeaux with older flats up 14.6% in a year and 9.9% for older houses. This has dashed hopes for first-time buyers, even if continuing low interest rates do give some chance for a purchase.

Notaires deny there is a ‘bubble’ with prices inflated by Paris buyers and say a look at buyers’ details shows Parisians account for the same number of owners in Bordeaux as in other towns – 7% and that this has been the case for several years.

Any property market rise is due to the city’s attractiveness with flourishing tourism and urban improvements.

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