IKEA offer solar panel installation service for French homes

IKEA is offering photovoltaic solar panel systems for the home from this autumn.

21 August 2020
Solar Panels on a large seaside home with chimney and many windows.You could have your solar panels installed by IKEA starting from this autumn.
By Connexion Journalist

In a move expected to boost the private solar energy sector, which is under-used in France, it will let people gather information online at ikea.fr or in-store and use an online simulator to see how they could benefit. They will then work with Paris stock-exchange-listed renewable energy firm Voltalia, from a first home visit to an after-sales service.

Cheaper and more eco-friendly

Pictured: a house with solar panels installed on the roof.
Pictured: a house with solar panels installed on the roof.

Customers will choose whether to use all the electricity they produce or to sell some or all of it back to the grid. The service will aim at convenience and cost-effectiveness. It is said to be cheaper than average in other countries where it is on offer by the chain. At first, it will be available in Occitanie, Paca, Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. It will progressively be offered in other parts of France.

France's largest floating solar plant provides enough energy for more than 4,700 homes

Other ways to equip yourself include offers by the big energy companies, such as Engie, or going directly to a qualified installer. In the latter case, look for the Quali PV logo, meaning the professional is accredited to offer a quality service. Quali PV Bat means the firm simply installs the panels on the roof. If it also says Elec, this means it can fully link it up to electrical systems.

The logo Quali Sol is for solar thermal panels that heat hot water but do not make electricity. There is a directory of firms at qualit-enr.org/annuaire.

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