Mobile and internet promise is hard to keep

Fibre optic cables do not need roadside trenches and can be carried on existing power posts – check THD availability at

Mobile phone and internet service providers have been told to speed up installing 4G mobile phone networks in poor-coverage areas as, in addition to improving service, they can also be used to offer home broadband where the powerful signal can give very high speed connections in many zones.

The government has repeated its promise that all France will have high speed broadband – Très Haut Débit at speeds of 30MB/sec – by 2022 and says work is ahead of plan. While there is concern the 100% THD target faces technical and political challenges – especially getting fibre optic into rural areas – ministers are putting pressure on operators to make it work.

When economy and digital minister in 2015 President Macron also promised no more mobile phone zones blanches in the centre of communes by mid-2017 – but he has fallen short.

Around 4,000 villages and town centres were promised 4G or at the very least to have their 2G service raised to 3G by mid-2017 and Arcep, the telecoms watchdog agency, says 92% of them now have a 2G service. Most of the other 8%, about 300 villages, are waiting for a council mast to be set up.

This affects under 1% of the population, but if you are in that one per cent it is becoming more and more difficult to live without a mobile.

Although operators have invested more money than ever in 3G and 4G,  Arcep said that, at 24th, France “still lingers in the lowest rankings” in this year’s European Commission index.


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