Now you can block calls to expensive numbers

From March 1 telecom operators must offer a way to block calls to surcharged numbers in a bid to stop sky-high bills

Clients must be able to set a free block on calls to numbers starting 089, short numbers in format 3BPQ (except 30PQ and 31PQ which are free) and higher-cost numbers as well as SMSs used by firms that bill both for the sending and for service with five-figure numbers starting 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8.

Free Mobile already had a system in place for this. SFR users can sign for its system in shops, via its SFR & Moi app and by customer service.

Orange and Bouygues did not reply to our calls for details.

You can also use a site like to find a non-surcharged number.

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