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French ‘MOT test’ now tougher

A new tougher version of the contrôle technique “MOT test” is being brought in from July 1 after being delayed in January due to the gilets jaunes protests.

26 June 2019
By Connexion journalist

The main target is vehicles which emit clouds of dark smoke.

Industry analysts say it will be difficult for diesels more than 15 years old to pass unless they have been well maintained and regularly decoked.

A first batch of changes to the test last year saw the number of recalled vehicles rise 5% to 24% as new criteria were applied.

More than 15 million diesels face extra tests targeting pollution, cutting emissions to almost the same level as when the vehicles were new.

The test now involves testers pressing harder and longer on the accelerator and vehicles must be within 25% of the car’s factory pollution settings.

The moves follow last May’s change, which was intended to bring France into line with EU road safety standards.

Some diesel drivers could face bills of up to €4,000 for work – especially those with défapée cars with the particulate filter taken out.

Renewing this is expensive but the vast majority of vehicles are expected to pass.

Vehicles doing short runs in town can soot up emissions filters but drivers can avoid this by doing longer journeys.

Petrol cars will also face new tests on emissions of carbon monoxide and CO2, unburned hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides.

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