Twizy car can be driven at 14

DRIVERS as young as 14-years-old could soon be taking to the roads in Renault’s Twizy electric two-seater car as France has brought its laws into line with new European legislation.

The Twizy 45 is classed as a quadricycle léger and previously could only be driven by 16-year-olds but the new legislation allows a 14-year-old who holds the brevet de sécurité routière qualification to take to the roads.

With four wheels, disc brakes, seat belts and airbag the Twizy will quickly be seen as safer than the traditional 50cc scooter for youngsters – although the €7,240 price could put off parents, especially as battery hire adds from €30 to €71 a month. The Twizy 45 is limited to 4kW/5.3hp and has a range of 80km.

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