Boost ahead for small businesses

Proposals in the new Loi Pacte aim to simplify procedures and open up businesses for growth and improved competitivity and should give new and small businesses a boost by removing some restrictions.

Two changes in the law, which has still to be passed, would see micro-entrepreneurs who earn less than €5,000 no longer required to hold a separate bank account for earnings and would sweep away the need for artisans to pay for and attend a 30-hour ‘preparatory’ course in business life.

However, Grégoire Leclercq, leader of the Fédération des Auto-entrepreneurs, called the changes an over-reaction.

He told L’Express newspaper the problem was not in holding a second bank account but in banks demanding that that account be a business account, with extra charges.

While the federation had long said the preparatory ‘stage’ was too long and costly; it still gave some useful information for start-ups and it would have been better if wasteful detail had been cut and a shorter, more useful course retained.