Notaires ‘must modernise and go high-tech’

Notaires must be ready to reform and modernise – and that means embracing technology, their new president has said.

Jean-François Humbert said notaires have to gear up to provide the service people will expect in 10 years’ time.

He told Connexion: “We need to make progress with integrating technology, IT, artificial intelligence and, especially, video-conferencing so we can mediate and work with people, wherever they are geographically. At the moment, people can use a procuration, which means legally giving someone else the power to sign a document for them, but how much more personal it would be if they could be present via a video-link and sign electronically. When someone buys a house, it’s nice for them to be present.”

Mr Humbert would like to contribute to developing new services and diversifying activities.

He said: “I’d like to see notaires providing more mediation, especially when it comes to inter-national affairs, in Europe ...

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