Recruitment on the rise in France

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Nearly two million jobs will be advertised in France this year, according to Pôle Emploi

150,000 more job offers in 2017 than in the previous 12 months

Pôle Emploi expects to advertise close to two-million jobs this year, it has announced.

That figure is 150,000 more than in 2016, an increase of 8.2%, according to Pôle Emploi's figures.

The service industry should dominate the French job market, with personal services, such as housekeepers and home-help operations expected to account for 40% of employers' hiring intentions. Business services, meanwhile, make up 25%. Construction and manufacturing hiring expectations are also noticeably up on 2016 figures. 

A sizeable portion of the jobs are seasonal, however. 

As expected, recruitment rises are concentrated mainly in the major cities, but small and medium-sized enterprises, with fewer than 10 employees are also expanding. Their staff searches account for 46% of Pôle Emploi's job offers.

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