Birth certificate problem for nationality

My application for French nationality has been held up because my father’s birth certificate has his last name spelled with one letter difference to the spelling on mine. It is because he changed the way he spelt his surname  during his lifetime. The prefecture wanted an ‘attestation de concordance du consulat’ but the British Embassy said they do not do this. What can I do? V.S.

Honorary avocat Gerard Barron from Boulogne-sur-Mer said consular services are not generally able to assist with this situation.

He advised approaching the UK General Register Office ( to obtain a modified  birth certificate for your father (they will be a charge for this), giving his name as shown on your certificate and noting that the name was formerly spelt differently (such as ‘Robert, formerly known as Roberts’). Note that for a nationality application you will need to have this certificate translated by a sworn translator.


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