Covid: What forms do I need to go to France in December?

France’s lockdown is set to end on December 15, which will reopen international travel

9 December 2020
Travel to France for holiday reasons will be possible from December 15 if lockdown rules are dropped
By Connexion journalist

Reader question: I am hoping I can travel to northern France from the UK where I live on December 22 for three weeks. Can you tell me what forms I may need to show to anyone if required to do so. As I am a pensioner I would be very grateful for your help. 

France is set to come out of lockdown on December 15, but it is not certain that will happen yet. 

Read more about that here: France’s 5,000 Covid case target: What if it is not reached?

If France’s lockdown does end on December 15, you should only be required to carry one piece of documentation if you are travelling by plane or ferry.

You will need to complete a “sworn statement” (déclaration sur l’honneur) self-certifying that you are not suffering from symptoms related to Covid-19 (cough, fever, headaches, etc) and that you have not been in contact with someone suffering from Covid in the preceding fortnight.

You can find an example of this form here and see a picture of it below.

If France does not come out of lockdown as planned on December 15 you should not travel for holiday purposes during confinement. 

France’s internal borders within the European area will remain open during lockdown which means that if you are in the European area, (the UK included), there may be nothing to physically prevent you from travelling to France on holiday. However this would be in breach of France's confinement rules and so is not advised. 

The fine for breaking the confinement rules is €135.

If you are travelling to France for a valid reason, such as you are a French citizen, health reasons for urgent family reasons, you should fill out an exemption certificate (attestation de déplacement) stating the reason and carry that with you.

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