France lockdown: Can I collect my son from another city?

Travel for administrative appointments is permitted, but the rules about collecting a family member are less clear

13 November 2020
Car wing mirror showing road at dusk. France lockdown: Can I collect my son from another city?If there are no other transport options available, driving between cities may be an option
By Connexion journalist

Reader question: I live in Mulhouse and my son is a student in Toulouse. He has just got an SMS from the préfecture in Colmar saying that his titre de séjour is ready and that he should come and collect it. 

Can I drive to Toulouse from Mulhouse to pick up my son and bring him to Colmar préfecture?

Possibly. An operator from France’s Covid-19 helpline said that it would be preferable for your son to return to Colmar from Toulouse independently, if he can do so.

While travelling he must carry a travel exemption form with him, ticking the box Convocation judiciaire ou administrative et pour se rendre dans un service public as his reason for travel.

He should also have the SMS from the prefecture as proof of his appointment, as well as a valid form of identification.

You can travel from Toulouse from Mulhouse to collect your son if it is not possible for him to make the journey on his own, either because there are no other transport options or because he could reasonably be defined as vulnerable.

If you do go to collect your son you must also carry identification and a travel exemption form, ticking the box Déplacements pour motif familial impérieux as your reason for travel. 

The travel exemption form is available to print and download here (in French). There is an English version available and also an easy-read version with pictograms. There is also a digital version available via the TousAntiCovid smartphone app.

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