France lockdown: Can I go to a home/garden shop 50km away?

Shopping for essentials is permitted, with no travel or time limits

12 November 2020
Plants in a garden centre. France lockdown: Can I go to a home/garden shop 50km away?You must carry a travel exemption form when visiting shops
By Connexion journalist

Reader question: Can I buy essentials in a garden centre or DIY store 50km from where I live? It would take over an hour to make the trip there and back. 

Yes, you can.

The 1km limit for movement applies to physical activities such as exercise and walking the dog (listed under l’activité physique individuelle, à la promenade ou aux besoins des animaux de compagnie on travel exemption forms.)

As such, you can travel over 1km from your home for other valid reasons, such as buying essentials from the shops. In these circumstances, the one-hour time limit does not apply either. 

You must carry a travel exemption form with you, ticking the Déplacements pour effectuer des achats de fournitures nécessaires… box as your reason for travel.

The travel exemption form is available to print and download here (in French). There is an English version available and also an easy-read version with pictograms. There is also a digital version available via the TousAntiCovid smartphone app.

While in the shops you must respect health measures in place, and social distancing guidelines.

It is also advisable to complete your visit to any shop as quickly as possible. This will ensure that other customers can also visit, as many shops have customer limits in place, and reduce potential exposure to the virus which is transmitted more easily in enclosed spaces with many people.

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