France lockdown: Can I use the same attestation twice?

There are different versions of exemption certificates (attestations de déplacement), including print-outs, an English copy and a digital copy

5 November 2020
an exemption form. Everyone must carry an exemption form when going out during the lockdown
By Connexion journalist

Reader question: For the print-out exemption forms (attestations de déplacement), can I use the same piece of paper over and over, just adding a new date and signature each time I go out, maybe in the form of a table?  

The official decree does not specifically stipulate this rule. Article 4 merely states that "persons wishing to benefit from one [of the exceptions] must carry a document" that justifies their travel outside their home. 

There are seven possible justifications, including going out for exercise, shopping, healthcare, etc.

France lockdown: The exemption forms you need

The website for the prime minister, however, specifies that "individual certificates will have to be completed for each trip" and adds, in the question and answer section, that it will be "necessary to download a single-use certificate”. Handwritten attestations on plain paper are also valid. 

So, technically, you could be fined if you show the police a document that has been used many times, but you may be able to challenge it later. 

If you want to cut down on paper waste, you can always use the digital certificate.

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