Surfing the internet safely while in France

Now that I am in France I find I use my internet much more. How can I improve my online security? 

26 June 2019

Criminal cyber activity increa­ses in sophistication each month – and yet surprisingly the top two computer passwords are still “password” and “123456”!

People buy, sell and bank online more than ever before so keeping safe requires more than a single easy password that is repeated on every device you own.

Typically homes now have six or more internet-connected devices and they all need to safeguard your privacy.

This needs to include your PC, smartphones, smart TVs, and anything else connected to the internet.

Start with a strong email password but also use different passwords for bank accounts etc.

If you have children that use the same equipment make sure they have their own passwords and that you restrict their purchases to age-appropriate material. Con­sider cancelling in-app purchasing abilities.

Here are some simple ways to improve your protection:

Never use the following personal details in your password: partner’s name, child’s name, other family member’s name, pet’s name, place of birth, favourite holiday destination or sports team.

Some of the best passwords use numbers and three unrelated words with unexpected capitalisation. For example: 8aCtiveyEllowdOgs24 [8activeyellowdogs24]

Use anti-virus software and make sure it is updated when upgrades become available.

Where available, activate the software’s auto-update feature to maximise your protection.

Do not open emails from unknown senders.

Be cautious about emails that contain unexpected attachments.Check with the sender first.

When making payments always check for the green padlock sign against the web address you are communicating with. If it is showing, it will be safe.

Apply child protection filters where desired.

There is also plenty of valuable advice at the website

Keep to the rules you establish and you can use the internet with confidence.


Question answered by Bob Elliott from the telephone and broadband provider, UK Telecom. See for more information on their services in France. If you have a query on this topic send it to

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