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When do I submit a first tax return in France?

Since 2019, filing returns online in France has become mandatory for those whose main home has an internet access 

23 April 2021
Final deadline for tax returns in 2021 is June 8 for some departments in France
By Hugh MacDonald

Reader question: As of September 2020, I'm now an ‘early retiree’. I still have a home and savings in England. When do I need to submit my first French tax return? 

The first tax declaration will need to be submitted this year, when the system opens, which should be from this month with a final deadline in May or June. Usually there is a slightly later deadline for online declaration as opposed to declaring by paper form/s.

If you want to do this you need to speak to your tax office about opening an account at

For more help and information about your declarations this spring see our Help Guide to French Income Tax 2021.

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