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LOCKDOWN OFFER! 3 x Puzzle books for €7.50 (Vol.1, Vol.2, Vol.3)
Published: 28 June 2018
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Confined and bored? Now is the time to brush up on French culture!
SPECIAL OFFER: All 3 puzzle books for only €7.50 (+p&p)
Have fun while getting to know France better, and SAVE €13 with this exceptional offer!
*** Offer extended *** Our special LOCKDOWN OFFER will stay valid during the whole of the official confinement period in France (April 15)

This bundle offer includes:

  • Puzzle book Vol. 1 (normally €5.50), published June 2016
  • Puzzle book Vol. 2 (normally €7.50), published June 2017
  • Puzzle book Vol. 3 (normally €7.50), published June 2018

These three 96 page French facts and France related puzzlebooks will teach you all about France and come in a handy A5 size.

We have arranged each booklet into themed chapters, each with its own quizzes, puzzles and brain teasers. You can find the answers, often with some extra information, at the back of each book. Test your knowledge on diverse topics, from food and drink to films and literature, from sport and inventions to geography and history. And to test your regional knowledge, spot the pictures from France’s 13 new regions dotted throughout the books.

Ideal as a present for France loving friends or for yourself to pass some time relaxing over the summer holidays.