Blue Fishing Nets Festival in Concarneau

Over a hundred years old, the Filets Bleus festival takes place every August, when it gives the town of Concarneau and its inhabitants an opportunity to go back to their roots. A typically Breton-flavoured costumed parade, with dancing and games that have no need whatsoever for artificial colouring. Some come out of curiosity, others to see all the pomp and pageantry of the parade. Some want to win a bout of Gouren, a type of Breton wrestling, while others hope to learn a few steps of a traditional Breton dance or try their hand at palets, which is ‘boules’ Breton-style. And of course they come to see the new Miss Filets Bleus, chosen among the wealth of pretty young girls from Concarneau. It’s hard to imagine that this vibrant festival has been around for over a hundred years! Back then, the quays of Concarneau were covered in the blue sardine-fishing nets that have since given their name to this festival. In 1905, hard times hit the fishing industry and the inhabitants of Concarneau decided to pull together by creating the Filets Bleus. From that point on, this local event has never ceased to grow, becoming one of the most popular and unmissable festivals of traditional Breton culture. And it goes without saying that each and every visitor takes away a little piece of wonderful Breton culture. And once the sardines have been hauled in then it’s time to sound the Breton bagpipes or biniou and blow the bombard to announce the start of the Filets Bleus festival.