FET 2018 Season - Opening Production

In the first half, Kate Cook presents Invisible Woman, a thrilling tale of derring do in WWII. Repressed housewife Mrs Bishop is just the person to help the French Resistance - but who is this mysterious lady and will her true identity be revealed? A story-telling tour-de-force, this is a funny and touching portrayal of one woman’s journey into freedom and adventure. After the interval, we meet another feisty heroine in Miss Wilson's Waterloo. Performed by Karen Archer and Martin Wimbush, this is a fascinating portrayal of Harriette Wilson. Born in London as one of 15 children of an immigrant Swiss tradesman, she became one of the most celebrated courtesans of her day. Her conquests included several prime ministers, at least one member of the royal family and, most famously, Arthur Wellesley, First Duke of Wellington. The bar will open at 6pm and the performance starts at 7pm. To book your tickets, please email: fetatlecolombier@gmail.com Members €25 Non-Members €30 NB: your reservation will only be confirmed on receipt of your cheque Ruth Etridge FET Secretary
Le Colombier theatre, Les Cabannes

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