MADS: Théâtre en anglais "A Bunch of Amateurs"

“A Bunch of Amateurs” – by Ian Hislop and Nick Newman The story is that of ‘ washed-up’ Hollywood star Jefferson Steel who is deceived by his agent into playing King Lear in an amateur community production in a small English town of Stratford St John. Expecting a suite at a fancy hotel, the actor finds himself lodging in a bed and breakfast. Steel's arrogance and pretensions barely allow him to conform to such indignities as rehearsing Shakespeare in an old theatre. But, among the enthusiastic locals, he slowly comes to rethink some of his assumptions and look at life in a whole new way. This very funny and modern play was made into a popular film starring Burt Lancaster and Imelda Staunton. Where: Salle François Mitterand in Villeréal When: Friday 16th March at 7.30 pm Tickets: 10 euros :
Salle Francois Mitterand, Villereal

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