The Vagabond Theatre Company presents The Ladykillers

This is the Vagabond Theatre Company's fourth production, a wacky adaptation of the famous film made even wackier by the cast doing it in drag, inspired by the recent all-female production in Belfast. Picture a dilapidated house in North London in 1956. It is here that the self-styled 'Professor' Marcus rents a room from an little old lady, all alone in the world apart from her diseased parrot. He introduces her to the four other members of his hapless gang, claiming they are a troupe of madrigal singers, much to her delight. It is here that they plan a raid on a security van, in which she becomes their unwitting, innocent accomplice. But nothing goes according to plan, and the thieves are soon at war with each other - a recipe for murder, mayhem, merriment and several kinds of madness. Both performances will be matinees so that you can have lunch beforehand if you wish in one of Lectoure's many restaurants, and get home before dark. 10E per person, half price for kids and students. No need to send money but reservations essential, just email
Salle de la Comedie, rue Nationale, Lectoure