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Hollande jeered on visit to Tarn town

Carmaux crowds give President a hard time on visit to birthplace of French political giant Jean Jaurès

23 April 2014

PRESIDENT François Hollande was jostled and jeered in Carmaux, Tarn, yesterday, as a visit to the birthplace of French political giant Jean Jaurès did not go wholly to script.

“You have not kept your promises,” one woman told him, as he walked through the crowd. “Jaurès was not like you.”

Others were upset at the large police presence and complained about not being able to access the ceremony marking the centenary of the death of politician Jean Jaurès, who was assassinated in Paris on the eve of the First World War.

“Come with me,” Mr Hollande told them, before blaming the prefecture of Tarn for blocking access to the town’s Place Jean Jaurès.

A few minutes later, he explained to reporters that the area had been cordoned off “for reasons of protocol”.

In his speech dedicated to the French Socialist legend, Mr Hollande defended the €50bn “Responsibility Pact”.

He said: “I was elected for change and I will drive that change,” - but he admitted the difficulties he faced were "next to nothing" compared to those faced by Mr Jaurès a century ago. The French political giant paid for his calls for peace with his life.

The greeting was very different from the one Mr Hollande received in the same town two years ago, when - days before he was elected President - he was feted in the town.

BFM TV / screengrab

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