146 December 2014

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146 December 2014
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French-bashing? Try French-loving instead
GPs call Christmas strike over pay dispute
Breton traditions wear well – even at the shops
Holiday homes face 20% tax hike
Burglaries down and more police on street
Notaires face cuts
To smack or not...
Bergerac Airport future ‘safe’
When is the best time to book for good flight deals?
Spend new year under... or on top of the Pyrenees
Lawyers still hold out hope for refunds of CSPE electricity tax
Every day is strike day somewhere here
Satellite TV signal ‘should not vary’
Chased for house seller’s euro 150k debt
Bid to end 15-year vote limit
‘Simplified’ admin rule is not as simple as it sounds
Hospital hotels to save beds and costs
Last date for Christmas post
Call for fewer stops for TGVs
UK speeders in France will receive fines in post
Court ruling no threat to CMU rights
Breton recognised as an official language but only on Facebook
French was originally regional dialect
3,500km of smiles on Tour de France
The only one gaining from this internal fight is Le Pen
What if Britain leaves the EU?
What would life in France look like without EU citizenship?
Will the state look after my father if he is left alone?
Make sense of: Traducteurs assermentés Official translators
How to pick a grape deal at a vineyard
Save thousands with dental work abroad
Last-minute plan to slash CFE tax bills
Ultra-simple low-cost bank accounts available at tabacs
Donate to charity for a tax reduction
How much did ‘off-plan’ home actually cost?
Claim back social charges from 2012
New opportunities to save tax in 2015 budget
Loire may be laid-back but it is also a hive of industry
‘The seaside here really is something else’
Expat Christmas in France offers best of both worlds
Assurance vie – your questions answered
Estate agents ditch meaningless ‘atypique’
Give your decor a French touch with a sapin de Noël
Just one in 10 homes has a smoke detector
Chimneys need a clean sweep
Quick and easy cheap ways to cut your heating bills
Sunday should be day of rest and reading
19th century beauty is our inspiration
A touch of real France for Noel
Horsing around Why alternative sports d’hiver are ‘in’
Hot new ways to hit the slopes this ski season
Go... dog-sledding or get a tow from a horse
Go... diving under iced lakes
Go... off-piste to try luges, bob-sleds or a snowscoot
Hike to spot wild animals in the snow
Cognac, Armagnac ... and now France is known for its vodka
I’m changing nationality to shoot for France
Finding community in a local congregation
These ‘forgotten vegetables’ help give winter its own seasoning
Four of the best veg you will find in your market
Without Gérard’s years of work this old cabbage variety would be extinct
Fairs, food festivals and a ‘pluck-a-duck’ speed contest
Arty burgers you can eat
Sweet seats
Coffee is spill-free with Twizz
Grow your own mushrooms
Gift sack has your name on it
Candles made by Grasse ‘nose’
A coffee with festive flavours
Share your talent, win a piano
Cushion to shake up a sofa
Snow art that disappears in a flurry