170 December 2016

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170 December 2016
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Prepare for power shortages
MPs must find the courage to tell us what Brexit really means
State of emergency set to be extended
Chilly spell could mean power cuts as 21 reactors shut
Sarkozy quits after defeat
Norman corgi gets letter from the Queen
Halting self-service fruit and veg cuts shop waste
Homeless charity to open online store
Senators call for halt to ID database plan
Fibre optic broadband in rural areas
Solar-power diner opens
Smartphone games killing off the hunt
Quarter of people polled support a total tobacco ban
Rooftop gardens could feed Paris
30 new measures to ease bureaucracy
Five minutes to cut cancer
Hotels slash prices in bid to kick-start ailing tourist trade
Travellers tickled by tinkling pianos
Prefects can order hornet destruction
Alpine pollution targeted
The British attitude to free movement will be key
MEP puts forward plan for EU citizenship for Britons
Our new man in Paris
How should MPs vote on article 50?
Houses delayed as Roman baths found
Warning as large snake is spotted
Adventurer rows right round France
Online archive for First World War
St Pierre may hold key to transatlantic aviation mystery
Islands off Canada mark 200 years of French rule
Local volunteers make sure that the show goes on at rural cinema
Why I love Christmas again
French left has to move on from 1946 or it’s finished
‘The outrage is fuelling me’ - Gina Miller
The changing face of Europe and the UK
Does law ban dogs from restaurants and cafés?
Make sense of Père Noël, St Nicolas and traditional French crèches
Dordogne school offers lower-cost IGCSEs
Watch out for miserly French gift tax scheme this Christmas
‘Black’ work can cost dear
Watch out for hungry bed bugs
Plenty of options for sending Christmas gifts
‘Puma’ healthcare changes, a year on
Foster carers needed to give pets a new chance of life
100m old phones are a goldmine
Rent a car, van or truck for just €1 on a one-way trip
2017 sales dates revealed
Drivers must show licence and insurance at pound
Airbnb hosts may be taxed
Phone app can make flight delay compensation claim
Beware solar power scams
Britons receiving cartes de séjour – but why has name changed?
Farewell landlines as they give way to digital future
Bloctel ‘floptel’ as nuisance callers ignore watchdog
Moving pets to France is worth the cost and stress
Cat move ‘jolly expensive’
Shih Tzu in hat turns heads on métro
Transformation for eco-villages as they discover ways to combat depopulation
Watts up: turbine is a success so village now looks at solar panel park
Energy fund helps boost green power projects
Free henhouse and hens for residents in bid to reduce waste
Give to charity and benefit from tax reduction next year
Legal challenge to 2016 social charges on EU pensioners and non residents
Can I move British investment fund to French ‘wrapper’?
Basic banking at tabacs taking off
ID and proof of address such as a utility bill
Warning on declaring accounts held abroad
Pension changes do not need to cause tax pain
‘Little saints’ of French nativity
Artists’ business classes show how to learn to earn
Marriage regimes can hide problems for entrepreneurs
American heritage lover leaves a heaven-sent legacy
Historic change for insulation law
Sale times are down but prices rise
Insurance-linked ‘sales’ can breathe new life into viager
House building outlay rises
France to build a ‘forest’ of timber high-rise buildings
French gastronaut packs lobster for a treat
The quirky nun in charge of convent where Chanel grew up
Trumpet-playing nun has devoted her life to tending the abbey that inspired Chanel
From stressful retail world to world of relief from stress ...
13 very French Christmas cadeaux ideas
Charity that helps expats in need shuts French doors
Very British panto sure to be a hit!
Tarn expats and French unite for good causes
No more facing a crowd alone with new website
Aiding Manche newcomers
Open Gardens looks forward to 2017 after ‘a superb year’
Traditional Paris bistrot where stars come out at night
See cathedral in colours of the Middle Ages
Military minds thought up yellow headlights law
Sweet treat is a festive favourite in Provence
When the red, red robin is bob, bob, bobbing along ...
Wine fraud leaves a bitter taste
Ideal food for hungry hedgehogs
Welcome to new Lascaux, just like the real Lascaux