174 April 2017

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174 April 2017
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Cancer Support France founder Linda dies

Memorials mark UK-France relationship

Fears for future of French airports

French village that gambled on cheap rent to survive boasts success

Paris sculptor plans artwork for the Moon

‘Speak-French-only’ work clause criticised

Rugby strike over Paris club merger

Exchange old phones and clothes for cash

Insurers blamed for high price of French glasses

Celibate priest becomes a grandad

Sit-in protest to save historic Dordogne valley from ugly €32m by-pass

 Battery egg ban is welcome but does not go far enough

 Mairies eye Google pool jackpot

Beware toxic caterpillars

Le Corbusier price doubles

French corruption agency has tough task

Flying car would soar above traffic

French birth rate falling but population is 67m

Loire valley cities are greenest in France

Small tum = small meals

Maternity hospital searching for 120,000 babies

French election: Up, down, left, right, which way to the Elysée Palace?

French dentists gnash teeth over bid to cut fees for patients

Primulas catch the eye in more French gardens

Six drivers test new rolling speed traps

Hero’s welcome for last solo sailor home

Gran avoids jail after walking baby on A23

20,000 using electric scooter share service

Cigarette prices to rise in France

Full steam ahead for WWI wagon restoration

French zoos increase rhino security

Row over bid to add French bank holidays

Can science make us live healthier for longer?

Comedian Olivier Giraud provides survival tips in his stand-up show in English

How could Macron rule without party?

What cultural knowledge is needed for French citizenship?

Belief in time off work

Kill speed... but not for profit

The French never had it so good

Why France is such a great place to have a large family

Comedians hold up a mirror to society

What are the formalities for selling my cat’s kittens?

How can I find someone to clean my Airbnb apartment?

Will being refused a carte de séjour affect French healthcare rights?

Is a scooter different from a mobylette?

Playing golf in France

Telecoms ‘switch off’ option for second home owners

The French election and currency exchange

Act now to boost your pension

Heat from computer servers warms homes

Should I have my UK annual tax summary translated into French?

Qrops tax will hit policies out of EEA

Swap your French mortgage insurance more easily

Beware having too many investment eggs in one basket

Twice as many families opt for home schooling

There is more to currency exchange than today’s rate

No-licence cars are useful... but also a pest

Keep on right side of the law if you work with spouse

112 emergency number should be better known

Patients will create their own French health files

Bank extends its mobile cash access

Cyclists get €200 leg up for electric bike

Offer aims to help poor cut heating bills

One-off grant helps apprentices to spend

Use-your-own boost for solar power

Batteries are heart of ‘virtual’ power grid

Challenges of a French rural upbringing

Needle knowledge brings gold standard to delicate old craft

Do the twist: knot tyers of Rochefort

Without Rochefort, we would not have begonias...

Sheep help keep Dordogne vistas pretty

Entrepreneurs not entitled to the dole

Fierce heat and a delicate touch create glass delights

New skyscrapers for Paris

French Riviera property watch

Check artisan credentials to avoid a works disaster

 ‘Council’ housing is elegant and affordable

 Residents use crowd-funding to help towns

 Poorer French households will have gas checked for free

 Mortgage insurance may be changed each year

 Villa with a garden is the French dream home

Legendary Paris jazz club is swinging again

Interview with author 'Bruno' Martin Walker

French events to add a dash of colour to April

The Frenchman who gave us the humble strawberry

Natural wine: all ‘natural’ but no quality control

The high life of timid black redstart

Secret morel farms are starting to mushroom across rural France

Taking a tour de France – in miniature!