182 December 2017

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182 December 2017
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Crucial December for Britons in France
Beware rush as drivers in France try to beat strict new contrôle
Cartoonist Steve Bell on the joy of lampooning politicians
No SeaBubbles trials on the River Seine
Crunch time for Brexit talks
Smartphones make forests easy to use
Pompiers will not need to pay péage
Power cut alert over shortage of capacity
Eymet couple’s bowling green is a first
Biker is buried with his motorbike
Orange and Free link for 100% broadband
Bra is treasure-chest
Ambassador: ‘We are in touching distance of a rights deal’
Threat to expats’ private pensions
Travel from Toulouse to Montpellier in 20 minutes at 1,200kph
M&S shuts final shop but keeps French web
Vignerons attack bid for cheap ‘made in Bourgogne’ wine
Montpellier airport’s €26.6m expansion
Versailles: New hope for king’s garden
University ballot ends but students face refusals
EU votes through tight border checks
Pamela Anderson now in France and battling to protect animals
Cubist boats that fooled German subs in WWI
Row over noon maroon
No Christmas tips for council staff
3D effect bids to slow cars
Wind-powered cargo vessels set for return to high seas
‘Titanic of the Mountains’ to restore Spain rail link
Reading is great for your French – no matter what
Who is Macron really and will he succeed?
Enthusiasm for LREM is turning to discontent
Santa, Christmas and France’s love of pagan ritual
Why am I still paying to insure written-off vehicle?
How can I get council to widen our road?
How could Brexit affect our rights?
Can you recommend any good books on Napoleon’s legacy?
Am I insured for natural disasters?
Make sense of MJC cultural centres
Should we transfer money for Christmas visit to UK
There is real danger in harassment at school
About those accounts with Paypal, broker or the bookie...
My scoliosis had prevented UK doctors from operating
Give plenty of time for Christmas post
Map shows French mobile range
Free bulb offer ends this month
‘France is a nation of wine drinkers, starting at breakfast’ - true?
Volunteering in France can take many forms
Divorce self-help group offers practical support
Monthly date may help dementia carers cope better
Cigarette butts are turned into ashtrays
Will 2018 see ‘telemedicine’ finally take off in France?
Am I entitled to money back for home help costs?
State gives and takes in new social security law
Will France top up UK pension?
Can we use pounds for sale?
Must I pay capital gains tax?
Better news on investment income and wealth
Expat shopkeepers keeping French high streets alive
Auto-entrepreneurs pay for training each year but few use it
Trade has only 10 artisans left
College rents were too high so students built their own flats
Pays-de-la-Loire property watch
In premium position for French mortgage insurance
Act quickly for energy-efficient boiler grant aid
No more meter readings as new ‘smart’ units fitted to cut costs
Buyers warned to ask for dry rot checks
Can we get pacsed as non-residents?
Oil tank rules in France explained
Renting is dearer than buying after three years
Government warns buyers on double-glazing troubles
Banks held liable for solar panels that do not work
New future for infamous Parisian brothel
Capital once had 200 ‘houses of ill repute’
Cycling recyclers are nominated for a UN award
Boost for Carnac’s new Unesco bid
Is ‘inclusive’ writing putting French at risk?
Farmers’ shop outdoes supermarkets
Dreaming of a white Christmas? Hit the slopes for a Noël to remember
Safe, speedy off-piste pleasures for non-skiers
An alternative to the Alps: France’s other ski regions
Under instruction: how to become a better skier
Off-piste entertainment, from sculpture to cinema
Changing times of Jean-Pierre Rives, from rugby iron man to steel artist
A very berry French Christmas
Chambord’s restored garden glory
Bond actor brings poetry to garden
Poorly insulated homes to be taxed
Night light pollution sees mixed progress
Anti-road protest in Strasbourg
Perfect planters for a modern garden
Read up for thriving indoor plants
A space-age igloo for your garden
New application aids biodynamic gardening
Ecole Ferrandi: A sweet taste of success
En saison: What to put on your plate in December
Ancient distillery skills for new whisky
Artisan cheese of the month: Brie de Meaux
Meet the producers: parsnips
Local speciality: Calissons
Vineyard frost beats shoots and leaves
Interiors: Industrial heritage with lofty ambitions
Plum Village, a Buddhist retreat... near Bordeaux
Marie Curie, the trailblazing life-saver driven by discovery
Gothic giant in Rodez is towering pride of Aveyron
Big art – there’s a ghost on my house!